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Recomended Viewing

Hard Times

Hard Times

Staring: Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Strother Martin, Maggie Sullivan
Director: Walter Hill

Brutal account of street-fighting for money during the depression set against the back drop of New Orleans. Walter Hills first direction.

Hard Times


Staring: Keir Dullea , William Sylvester , Gary Lockwood
Director: Stanley Kubrick

Quite possibly, the finest motion picture ever made !

Hard Times

The Sea Wolf

Staring: Edward G. Robinson, John Garfield, Ida Lupino
Director: Michael Curtiz

Edward G. Robinson's notorious portrayal of Jack London's legendary literary character Wolf Larsen.

Hard Times

Invaders From Mars 1953

Staring: Arthur Franz , Helena Carter , Jimmy HUnt
Director: William Cameron Menzies

Excellent 50's Sci-Fi yarn of a boy who witnesses\r\na flying saucer in the area but can't get anyone to believe him !

Hard Times


Staring: Morgan Freeman , Brad Pitt
Director: David Fincher

Gruesome telling of a serial killer using the "7\r\nDeadly Sins" as inspiration.

Hard Times

The Thomas Crown Affair

Staring: Pierce Brosnan , Rene Russo , Faye Dunaway
Director: John McTiernan

Great remake of the 1960's film with Pierce Brosnan as slick as it gets and Rene Russo is as\r\nsophisticated sexy as can be.

Hard Times

This is Spinal Tap

Staring: Michael McKean , Christopher Guest , Harry Shearer
Director: Rob Reiner

Definately one of the funniest movies ever put on celluloid ! This is where "Best In Show" , "Waiting For Guffman" and that entire band of zanny people got started.

Hard Times

Sitting Pretty 1948

Staring: Clifton Webb , Maureen O'Hara , Robert Young
Director: Walter Lang

Good comedies are hard to find, so don't miss this one. Clifton Webb is priceless as "Mr. Belvedere", a genius who answers a classified to become a nanny for three unruly boys. The supporting cast is spot on as well. I'm tellin ya,\r\nthis is a riot.

Hard Times

Leave Her To Heaven 1946

Staring: Gene Tierney , Cornel Wilde , Jeanne Crain
Director: John M. Stahl

The classic psycho-girlfriend is personified by\r\nGene Tierney. She really loves you (in her own way), but will destroy everything around her to\r\nget what she wants. Tierney earned a nomination for best actress. Good meloframa, highly recomended.

Hard Times


Staring: Roy Scheider , Robert Shaw , Richard Dreyfuss
Director: Steven Spielberg

What a great horror film. A beach community terrorized by a shark, a chief of police who's affraid of the water, and a mayor that wants to ignore the problem make for a very suspenseful film!

Hard Times

Jason and the Argonauts 1963

Staring: Todd Armstrong , Nancy Kovack , Gary Raymond
Director: Don Chaffey

Greek Mythology is brought to life by Ray Harryhausen, master of stop-animation. The legendary story of Jason and the Golden Fleece. kids from 5 to 105 should love it ! A guaranteed smash for the whole family.

Hard Times

On Borrowed Time 1939

Staring: Lionel Barrymore , Sir Cedric Hardwicke , Bobs Watson
Director: Harold Bucquet

This is a story about a man and his grandson who catch Death himself up in a tree. Though this aspect of the film is really cool, the loving relationship between the boy and his grandfather are what make this memorable and touching film that it is.

Hard Times

Escape From New York 1981

Staring: Kurt Russell , Lee Van Cleef , Ernest Borgnine
Director: John Carpenter

Manhattan Island has been turned into a maximum security prison island where one-way-tickets are the only ones issued. Air Force One crashes on Manhattan, Kurt is sent in to bring him out, it rocks. This Movie shows how a little money spent wisely can go a long way.

Hard Times

The Innocents 1961

Staring: Deborah Kerr , Peter Wyngarde , Michael Redgrave
Director: Jack Clayton

Poor Deborah Kerr has to go live in this creepy, eerie mansion with these two charming children.\r\nOne of the best ghost stories, based on "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James.

Hard Times

Winchester '73 1950

Staring: James Stewart , Dan Duryea , Stephen McNally
Director: Anthony Mann

Is this my favorite western of all time ? I'm not sure, but it's a darn good one. Follow the finest repeating rifle of the old west as it gets stolen, bartered , and gambled , all while being tracked down by the lawful owner. Anthony Mann does one of his finest jobs.

Hard Times

Women's Prison 1955

Staring: Ida Lupino , Cleo Moore , Jan Sterling
Director: Lewis Seiler

A who's who of B-Movie and Film Noir queens in this one folks. Ida is the sadistic prison warden (or what good would it be !) looking over the bevy of inmates. Don't miss this one it's tons o' fun.

Hard Times

Sahara 1943

Staring: Humphrey Bogart , Dan Duryea , j carrol naish
Director: Zoltan Korda

This is an excellent World war II story of a rag-tag group of American and British forces in the North African Desert. Nothing corny, just straight forward story, action scenes and fantastic dialogue.

Hard Times

Champagne For Ceasar 1950

Staring: Ronald Colman , Celeste Holm , Vincent Price
Director: Richard Whorf

After you watch this you will say, "Why didn't Vincent Price make more comedies ?". This is a very funny film about a genius (Colman) who knows everything about everything and goes on a trivia TV game show. Before you know it, they owe him about 20 million dollars.

Hard Times

The Three Godfathers 1948

Staring: John Wayne , Harry Carey Jr. , Pedro Armendariz
Director: John Ford

The Three Wise Men meet John Ford.

Hard Times

It's A Gift 1934

Staring: W.C. Fields , Baby LeRoy , Kathleen Howard
Director: Norman McLeod

W.C. and the family drive across the country to get the orange farm they inherit from Uncle Bean.

Hard Times

Stalag 17 1953

Staring: William Holden , Otto Preminger , Peter Graves
Director: Billy Wilder

P.O.W. story of airman J.J. Sefton (William Holden) behind enemy lines in Stalag 17. That's German for prison camp 17. Bill is the coolest character in movie history, check him out.

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